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Align With Soul

Deep within lies our True Nature, waiting to be discovered, to be recognized and ultimately to be lived from. Our hectic minds, our active bodies and way busy lives keep us from hearing our Soul's voice. The deep relaxation from Jin Shin Do® coupled with Ayurveda's universal understanding of our inborn nature allows us uncomplicated access to the call of our Soul.


Jin Shin Do®BodyMind Acupressure® - 1.5 hour session $90

Jin Shin Do® is a gentle yet deep form of acupressure that allows for the release of emotional and muscular armoring. This clothes on method is a unique synthesis of Japanese acupressure, classic Chinese acupuncture, Taoist theory, Reichian segmental theory and principles of Ericksonian psychotherapy and was originated by Iona Marsaa Teeguarden

Ayurvedic Consult - 1.5 hour session $90

Ayurveda is the art of traditional medicine from India. The practice of Yoga is a branch within this tree of medicine. The Ayurveda approach to health is to first recognize your original blueprint or what your inborn unique qualities are. Using the Dosha model of Ayurveda we can determine how your blueprint has been affected by the environment and by your diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda seeks to offer a balanced solution within the choices of food and patterns of activities you choose to do.

Mari Clements, MS, RD, D.Ay

Mari has been an acupressure therapist and student of holistic medicine for 40 plus years. More recently she has added Shamanic practitioner and student for over 7 years. A practitioner of INTEGRATION, Mari blends her knowledge and experience as a Registered Dietitian (steeped in holistic nutrition), with a Diploma and certification in Ayurvedic medicine, a Master's Degree in Heath Education, a long time acupressure therapist, years of shamanic experience and a Life Coach. We are a diverse culture with many different needs and expectations and so having a vast "tool box" from which to draw has been necessary to help my many clients achieve more harmony and satisfaction in their lives.

Previously, Mari owned a wellness center in Pennsylvania and co-directed campus wellness at Swarthmore College for 16 years. She has lectured on the subject of Ayurveda in medical schools as well as taught Ayurveda as part of a Yoga school curriculum. She is available as a lecturer and writer of Ayurvedic medicine.

We need to find harmony and balance within our choices of:

Foods that nourish and bring us pleasure

Exercise that keeps us alert and flexible

A Lifestyle that both stimulates as well as soothes us,

All of which keeps us aligned with who we really are


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